... What are your deepest longings?


Passion, romantic feelings and true love. Experience hot, intensively erotic, sensitively narrated short stories - exciting for both men and women alike! Immerse yourself in lustful encounters, erotic adventures and the fulfilment of sexual desires...


Returning home from a long journey, Nick’s thoughts are still lingering on feelings of unlimited freedom. In the airplane, his melancholy vanishes immediately after meeting the eyes of the exiting Juliana. Six miles up in the air, Nick and Juliana are about to experience an unforgettable moment… 


Nick’s friend Joshua decides to retire from his meteoric career to find his own self again. He devotes his time to painting and meets his one true love. On the opening of his first exhibition, Juliana gets her first taste of being attracted to another woman…


In ten tantalizing stories, Nick, Joshua and Juliana experience a series of erotic adventures that provide them with the fulfillment their sexual and emotional longings demand. Open towards the wishes of their partners, they venture into erotic experiments and experience love, desire and partnership on the basis of mutual respect and trust. 



"The stories are beautifully written, with good descriptions, but not too excessive. You can see it in front of you... Enticing not only for women - I am looking forward to the next stories!"


Marina K., Frankfurt a. M.


"In his stories, Mark Moriani manages to create intense sensuality. He portrays characters with credible emotions and problems who seek their place both in love and sexuality..."


Claudia M., Berlin


"Wonderfully tingling, sensitive and sensual! Read individually, these short stories are rounded in themselves. Little by little, however, the individual stories merge to form a larger picture: To a story about a circle of friends, all in search of meaning and fulfillment, who live out their love and lust freely - full of consideration, empathy and joy. It is easy to identify with these young people - don't we all long for this kind of the lived love? A light read that leaves you wanting more."


KulTexTur Anja-Nadine Mayer



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