About Mark Moriani

Mark's Biography

Mark Moriani was born in southern Germany and grew up in Paris and Frankfurt. He worked as a taxi driver, fashion salesman, bartender and in other odd jobs before he graduated with an honours degree in business administration and went into business.


After several years in management positions, he decided to break out of the everyday routine and explore his creative talents. Since then he has written - among others - intensely erotic and romantic stories that focus on deep respect for each other, the reciprocal fulfilment of erotic fantasies and the quest for true love.


He is an enthusiastic surfer and regularly goes climbing, mountain biking and running. He also loves cooking and extensive dinners with his friends and family. Besides his passion for writing, he likes to travel to the most remote corners of the world, carrying nothing but light luggage.


"I woke up one morning with these stories in my head. I wrote them down and sent them to two female friends who were immediately thrilled. For a long time I had dreamed of developing inspiring stories as an author. So I decided to devote myself entirely to writing. 


Openness, mutual respect, but also emotional independence are very important to me - this applies to passionate encounters as well as to love. I think one of the meanings of life is to live fully and experience as much as possible."